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The Off-Broadway show “Murder For Two” is doing a songwriter concert series on select Mondays called “Murderous Musical Mondays”. Basically, you go see the show & then stay afterwards for the concert. On Monday, 4/21, the songwriters are PACE NEW MUSICALS WRITERS’ ROOM (CURATED BY RYAN SCOTT OLIVER), and they’ll have performers like Jillian Mueller, Jason Gotay and Lauren Chapman. The website is MurderousMusicalMondays.com.

Check it out, idiots!

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#tbt from Idiot tour. In honor of my old tour roomie @jillian_mueller and because I miss @mattdeangelis22 and his constant shenanigans #idiottour #idiotsforlife

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During her last show I was swinging on for this sweet part where I got to wear a bad*** sparkle sweater and leopard apron. More on that later.

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Jillian and I discovered we have the same ring from like 4 years ago, henceforth dubbed the Vegas Ring. #twinsbestfriends

February 10th  -  1 note  -  J

And just like that my time at the Steel mill is up. 10 months. 216 shows. Never called out. A role that changed my life. Enjoyed every second of it. My 2 years of touring chapter is closed. Back in NYC for real this time. Boom. Drop the mic emoji #nofilter #itlookslikeihave6fingers

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My heart is breaking that this one is leaving us after tomorrow. You know you’re gonna miss that 80s perm and my druggie makeup : ) So excited for what’s next for you!

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Only one more to go, biddies!!!